Remote Sensing Data Analysis Platform
- Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) -
Sigma-SAR Cloud Platform -SSCP-
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You can easily start high-precision SAR data analysis in our cloud.

Cloud environment

All analysis environments and data storage are on the cloud. You don’t need to worry about data backup.

Map display

The analysis results are displayed on the land maps. You can easily and intuitively understand and interpret them.

Multi-devices support

You can carry out analysis and browse results anytime, anywhere, from your PC, smartphone or tablet.

Supported SAR sensors

The data of JERS-1、ALOS、ALOS-2、RADARSAT,Sentinel-1※ sensors. are supported. We are supporting more SAR sensors.


You can start using SSCP on a monthly basis by choosing the disk space and the number of jobs that you require.

Exporting results

You can export images of your analysis results to the formats that your GIS software supports. (JPEG, PNG, GeoTIFF)

Operation Flow

Three simple steps: Register data > Register analysis job > View results


Data Management

Analysis Job Management

Analysis Results Output


(as of July, 2019)

Amplitude imaging
SAR data imaging
RF Noise removal
Slope correction
Ortho rectification
Interferometry analysis
Detect ground displacement of the period from data of two periods
Orbit correaction
Ortho rectification
Atmospheric correction
Combines SAR images to generate wide-area SAR images
Mosaic generation
Time-series mosaic generation
Supported Sensors
RADARSAT-1、RADARSAT-2 coming soon
COSMO-SkyMed coming soon
TerraSAR-X coming soon
Sentinel-1 coming
ASNARO-2 coming
Recommended environment

FireFox/Safari/Chrome/Edge (The latest version is recommended.)
* SAR data analysis: Windows 10/Mac OS X/iOS 12/Android 7 or later
* SAR data upload: Windows 10/Mac OS X or later

SAR data Please use your own SAR data for analysis; our system does not provide the data. We also offer an agent service to purchase the data on behalf of you.

About Us

We provide the integrated solution of SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) analysis

"SSCP (Sigma-SAR Cloud Platform)", the cloud platform for SAR data analysis, is developed and operated by Sigma-SAR Institute. The Sigma-SAR Institute was founded in November 2018 in order to provide solutions for spreading and effective utilization of SAR.

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Inquiries about SSCP, application for trial account and/or demo, proposal for collaboration, etc.